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AJC Sync

Simply the best visual directory compare program available.

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AJC Active Backup

Revolutionary continuous data protection, instant automatic file backup and archiving in real-time!

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Active Backup

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Quality software products from AJC Software

Whether you are simply looking for utilities to help in your everyday computer work, or if you are looking for excellent fast-selling high-quality software to promote, I am 100% certain you will be impressed with the products from AJC Software.

AJC Software provides a growing number of essential shareware products that have been developed with ease of use as a primary consideration, and yet these programs contain a number of professional features and options that set them above many other similar products in the shareware market.

Try them out!

All products can be downloaded and used for a fully functional 30 day trial period before purchase, and each product is very reasonably priced (currently in the region of $15 to $45). Purchasing entitles you to free bug fixes and minor version upgrades, and support by email.

Read on for an overview of the flagship products from AJC Software.

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Only $29

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AJC Sync

"Compares files and synchronizes them between folders or machines in 3 easy steps."

  • Powerful directory / folder compare and synchronize software.
  • Two folder structures are shown in Windows explorer style and overlaid with color coding.
  • Files can be synchronized between (multiple) pairs of folders by transferring in one direction or both according to a set of comparison rules and file patterns, e.g. triggered by date changed, by size changed, etc.
  • Choose (multiple) pairs of folders; same disk, two seperate disks, over your network or even on a removable device for later transporting to a remote location.
  • Files can be compared using the built in diff software, opened, deleted, renamed etc.
  • There are useful reporting and logging facilities.
  • Powerful command line options are provided, e.g. to allow automatic synchronisation to be scheduled for backing up one area to another.

    "I searched many shareware sites on GOOGLE and tried at least 8 different file sync programs. AJC had the most intuitive, easy to use interface that actually had needed options. The options are presented in the proper logical order. Therefore, I rarely make a mistake. I use it to sync folders across several computers on an Intranet. It saves me much time. I also the like the feature that displays the transferred files as they are transferred. Therefore, I can see live what progress is being made; and be aware if there is a computer hang-up. [There has never been a hang-up with your software. Many of the other sync software programs hang easily.]"

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AJC Diff

"Compares files as text or binary, and shows their differences"

  • Compares files in text or binary mode.
  • File differences can be shown combined or side by side.
  • You can view the differences in full, in context (e.g. seeing surrounding text) or differences only.
  • Differences are colour coded and colors can be set in the options.
  • Works on any kind of document, e.g. Text, Word.
  • You can choose to show line numbers.
  • Text search and print options are included.

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Only $45

Bulk discounts available

AJC Grep for Windows

GREP - Global Regular Expression Parser

Pardon? Those of us who know the UNIX or Linux operating systems will probably be familiar with the "grep" utility, a small but incredibly powerful piece of software.

Until now there has not really been an equivalent of this for the Windows operating system, but AJC Grep now makes many things possible, and adds many very useful enhancements to Windows, all contained in a familiar Windows program with wizards and tutorials to make common tasks easy. This is quite simply an incredibly powerful GREP tool -

Yes, there are other simple grep tools available, but none as flexible as this!

Basically "grep" searches files for lines containing a match to a given pattern list. When it finds a match in a line, it does whatever other sort of thing you have requested by specifying options.

  • AJC Grep is a powerful file finder, text search, search & replace and data extraction program for Windows that lets you use regular expressions.
  • AJC Grep is very easy to use and integrates with Windows Explorer shell providing a vast improvement over the built in Windows search facility.
  • The many uses for AJC Grep for Windows include:
  • file finder,
  • find text in files,
  • text replacement,
  • text extraction,
  • data conversions,
  • directory tree printer,
  • file list printer
  • file matches printer
  • and much more......

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