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AJC Sync

Simply the best visual directory compare program available.

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AJC Active Backup

Revolutionary continuous data protection, instant automatic file backup and archiving in real-time!

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2016 Review of AJC Sync v4

Click to show main DirSync window full-size
Click the screen above to see a full size image

The latest version 4 of AJC Sync is probably the best file sync / backup tool available in 2016.

Easy, practical and intuitive comparison of files and folders wherever they are located; on the same machine, between multiple devices on your home network or over the Internet.

Do you have several cloud-based backup locations like Microsoft OneDrive, Dropbox, GoogleDrive or Amazon S3 Cloud? AJC Sync is ideal for combining multiple "in-the-cloud" destinations as if they are one large drive using its Multi-Drive feature.

After investigating some of the other popular file sync programs (e.g. Foldermatch, ViceVersa, Easy2Sync, AllwaySync) I reckon this is the best value, most intuitive and powerful file & directory compare and transfer program available in 2016.

It's compatible with Windows XP, Vista, and 32 or 64-bit versions of Windows 7, 8 and 10.

AJC Sync also provides great Versioning Control as standard (can optionally store previous versions of your work in a space-efficient archive so you can revert to or compare older versions of the same file - even if you accidentally overwrote something when you didn't mean to).

AJC Sync is available in 4 different versions:-

  • Standard ($29)
  • Professional ($35)
  • Portable ($39) - Take it with you on a USB stick to run on any Windows computer
  • File Server ($59) - Runs on Windows Server to provide block level sync. [AJC File Server is a Windows server process that you install on another machine so you can transfer files over the network/internet in a more efficient way. When transferring files if they already exist on the other side only the changes to the files will be sent. This means that for large files the transfer will be much faster. It can be thought of as similar to a FTP server but more reliable and it properly date stamps the files so that they match.]

(See also AJC Active Backup for easy to use, instant automatic backup and version control, the moment you hit your Save button)

AJC Sync is well designed, flexible and easy to use. It provides simple logical file management options without treating you like an idiot or trying to be too clever choosing what it thinks is best for you like so many backup utilities. You have full control - but with sensible safeguards!


  • You can quickly and easily compare multiple pairs of directories and synchronize large numbers of files in either direction between computers.

  • Use it to Backup files from your Laptop to another PC, an external disk drive, a USB memory stick, popular "in-the-cloud" services, use FTP to deploy your web site files to web hosting - basically anything you like!

  • Encrypt/compress/modify files during sync with the Transform system.

  • The File Differences tool can show graphic image files side-by-side. This is very useful for people who want to synchronize their digital photo collections.

  • Compare folders two-ways between two PC's on your home network. Perfect for organising multimedia files for Home Theatre and Media Centre storage devices.

  • Use tick boxes in the Explorer window to easily select or deselect whole folders or individual files and save your choices for quick accurate repetition every time.

  • Creates a Sync Plan before anything gets transferred so you can review exactly what will happen. Easily change the transfer direction of any item highlighted where a conflict is identified (i.e. something was changed on both sides). Exclude folders/files from just this transfer or permanently for next time the Project is run.

  • Easily schedule unattended automatic backups to take place whenever you require, as frequently as you need them (and be notified by email of success or failure).

  • Also includes a clever compact Archive system that automatically keeps different revisions of the same file.

  • Easily compare file differences using the built-in Diff program to view Text mode, Binary mode or side-by-side Image mode.

  • Helps you visualize the Source and Destination: choose from a variety of icons to depict the type of device on each side, e.g. PC, laptop, USB stick, cloud storage, etc.

  • Track what you have transferred with full Reporting and Logging.

  • Save Projects so you can quickly repeat common tasks.

  • A wealth of features for an excellent price.


AJC Sync

AJC Sync can be downloaded and used for a fully functional 30 day trial period before purchase, and is sensibly priced (currently about $29 with bulk discounts available too).

Purchasing entitles you to free bug fixes and minor version upgrades, and support by email.

Buy Now only $29

Download 30-day Trial of AJC Sync 4 (virus checked ZIP archive 21.6Mb)


Click to buy AJC Sync

Click to buy AJC Sync (purchase today and get other AJC products half-price)

Only $29

Bulk discounts available


AJC Sync lets you compare and synchronize two directory structures in a very powerful, yet simple way.

Genuine Customer Testimonial:
"I have used AJC for several years. The features I like the most are the simplicity and ease of use of the product.

Once I established the various scenarios I wanted to use, its a point and click process. I use the product for backing up application files on my business laptop. I backup them up to an external drive. I perform this operation at the end of each week. This will add any new or modified files to the backup drive.

About a year ago this saved me when my hard drive crashed on my laptop. I also use the product to backup my home files to a dedicated internal hard drive on my desktop PC. I am an amateur photographer and have thousands of pictures on file that I don't want to lose.

I did try other products that I downloaded on a try and buy, but did not find any that are as easy to use as AJC."


On this page I will introduce you to the program that I personally use and recommend, and show how you can use it, and then on the next couple of pages I provide some screenshots of the program in use.

Try AJC Sync right now! - Instant FREE 30-day Trial

As a software developer, and product documenter I not only use AJC Sync at work to transfer program source code, documents and web pages over the network between my laptop or different PC's and servers, but also at home I use it to automatically backup changed files from one hard disk to another, making a quick effective backup that doesn't even require me to change floppy disks or CD's !

And nowadays we have so many providers of cloud-based services. I have 3 seperate storage locations (GoogleDrive, Microsoft OneDrive and Dropbox) where AJC Sync combines them into one large virtual storage space to make the most of the space provided for free without having to upgrade any of them to a paid service.

These are just a couple of the reasons I use it, but as you read on you will see there are many different ways to use this neat, well-designed, and very visual piece of software. This soon becomes apparent as you read the variety of genuine customer testimonials that can be found here and on the AJC Software web site.

You can see quite clearly what will be transferred, and you feel in control. This is not something that can be said for the standard Microsoft Windows Explorer when searching, selecting, copying and moving many files!

And what if you made a mistake and suddenly realise you have overwritten the wrong files? Well thats not a problem with AJC Sync because you can optionally set it to archive backup versions of the destination files before it overwrites them, making it easy to get back to any previous state.

I tried several other synchronisation programs, but in comparison this program has a wealth of features and yet it is very reasonably priced.

What sold me on this program is that it contains a "dual explorer". By this I mean it has a Windows style explorer that "overlays" the two directory structures one on top of the other with color coding so that you can easily visualise which files are located where, and see clearly what you have selected before you start the transfer (you will see some screen shots showing this in a moment).

Take a look at some of the main features of the program:-

"Compares files and synchronizes them between folders or machines in 5 easy steps."

  • Powerful directory / folder compare and synchronize software.
  • Visually compare graphics files.
  • Two folder structures are shown in Windows explorer style and overlaid with color coding that indicates whether each file on the left-side, right-side or both sides have changed.
  • Files can be synchronized between the two chosen folders by transferring in just one direction left-to-right or right-to-left (e.g. simple backup) or both ways (e.g. full sync) according to a set of comparison rules and file patterns, e.g. triggered by date changed, by change in file size, and so on.
  • Choose two folders; same disk, two seperate disks, over your network or even on a removable device for later transporting to a remote location.
  • Files can be compared using the built in visual diff software (click here for details of this file comparison software), opened, deleted, renamed etc.
  • There are useful reporting and logging facilities.
  • Easily schedule automatic synchronization with fully integrated support for the Windows scheduler. An easy to use wizard helps you setup your synchronize job to run at the times you define.
  • Powerful command line options are provided, e.g. to allow automatic synchronisation to be scheduled for backing up one area to another.
  • The Archiving feature allows multiple file revisions to be kept. This is an extremely useful feature which makes automatic disk-to-disk backups possible by retaining previous versions of the same file (click here for how to perform scheduled automatic backups).

File/Folder Synchronization is really easy:

  1. Select the two folders to be compared in the explorer.
  2. Set the options to decide which files get transferred, e.g. new/older/same, larger/smaller/equal, existing/new, recurse subdirectories, delete files, verify, etc (there are plenty of options available, but the wizards make the choice easy to understand for beginners).
  3. Press the Create Sync Plan button to create a synchronize list (note nothing is transferred yet).
  4. Review the Sync Plan, and when happy press the green tick button to perform the synchronize.
  5. Save as a Project for repeat use if required.

That's It !

See what will happen before you commit

Although there are many options for you to synchronize files automatically, the concept behind this software is that you can see "on screen" exactly what is going to happen to your files beforehand, and you will have full control.

Unlike some other systems available you will not find any confusing or gimmicky options, just straight forward powerful features to get the job done.

For example, (you may have come across this too) one thing that really annoys me with Microsoft's Windows Explorer is when I want to copy many files between machines, and Windows Explorer gets stuck on just one file (maybe the file is locked by another program), then Windows Explorer just hangs and stops, and the only option you have is to cancel the operation! You probably have no idea or record of how far it got, or even which file was the problem!

Well, not any longer.

AJC Sync allows you to see every file it is transferring (without stopping on problem files!), and gives a full report of what has been transferred, listing any files it couldn't transfer so you can retry them later if needed.

If you would like to learn more, the following pages provide screenshots and give a tour through the operation of the program:-

1. File synchronization software for PC to PC File transfer

2. How to Backup your Laptop and transfer laptop files to PC

3. Windows file compare utility

Alternatively, if you can't wait, just try it out!

Its free to download and try for 30 days. Click here to use Download Demo button (the download is in ZIP format approx 2.5Mb, and you only need to download once, because if you decide to purchase after the trial you simply activate the full product using your license key).

I believe you are unlikely to find a better program in its class, and remember that what we are talking about here is security and peace of mind......

......Ensuring your valuable files are backed up regularly is a vital necessity, not just a "nice to have" !


AJC Sync

"I searched many shareware sites on GOOGLE and tried at least 8 different file sync programs.

AJC had the most intuitive, easy to use interface that actually had needed options. The options are presented in the proper logical order. Therefore, I rarely make a mistake.

I use it to sync folders across several computers on an Intranet. It saves me much time.

I also the like the feature that displays the transferred files as they are transferred. Therefore, I can see live what progress is being made; and be aware if there is a computer hang-up. [There has never been a hang-up with your software. Many of the other sync software programs hang easily.]"

LD (testimonial from the AJC web site)

AJC Sync can be downloaded and used for a fully functional 30 day trial period before purchase, and is very reasonably priced (currently about $29 with bulk discounts available too). Purchasing entitles you to free bug fixes and minor version upgrades, and support by email.

Buy Now only $29

Click to buy AJC Sync

Click to buy AJC Sync

Only $29

Bulk discounts available


Click to visit AJC Software - Quality shareware software products

Whether you are simply looking for utilities to help in your everyday computer work, or if you are looking for excellent fast-selling high-quality affiliate software to promote, I am 100% certain you will be impressed with the products from AJC Software.

AJC Software provides a growing number of essential shareware products that have been developed with ease of use as a primary consideration, and yet these programs contain a number of professional features and options that set them above many other similar products in the shareware market.

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